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We, the Arcturian

We, the Arcturian

We, the Arcturian's. Betty Rice, Cynthia Ploski, Norma J. Milanovich

We, the Arcturian's

ISBN: 9780962741708 | 348 pages | 9 Mb

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We, the Arcturian's Betty Rice, Cynthia Ploski, Norma J. Milanovich
Publisher: Athena Publishing

We, The Arcturians, observe that many of you are having a challenge during this final stage of integration of your new, Multidimensional Operating System into your old, third dimensional thinking. Important as all our communications are! Tonights show includes a message and experience with the Arcturians, Archangel Gabriel and more. When we did so, we instantly felt our energy field shift. Suzanne Lie – The Arcturians Speak About Fifth Dimensional Leadership – 29 September 2012. Http:// We have been waiting for you to be ready to take our communication. We are Arcturians of 6th dimensional consciousness. We meet the Arcturians outside my grandma's house in the garden, in the fields/forests at certain locations at certain times of the day, in the dream state, in a receptive meditative state. Dear One, we are the Arcturians! We have no idea what The Arcturians have planned, but it's gonna be a BFD, to quote Joe Biden. Please publish it for others to read. Before we begin our journey, we wish to remind you that long before there was time, there was life. Good article by Susan & the Arcturians. Once that which we wish to release is revealed, we must go deep within our SELF to find the cause and core of our attachment to that which we no longer want to experience. Mytria and I were deeply moved by the Arcturian's compassion for their friends in human disguise. We, the Arcturians, are so joyous to see that you have returned for another visit to New Earth, the Earth that YOU are creating. In response to the Arcturians request, Mytria and I released the hands that we had not even realized were tightly grasped together. Meditation is with our Your premium service was canceled because we were unable to process payment.

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